Monday, October 29, 2007

Did you know....?

Just found out some whacky information that I feel obliged to share, despite the fact that it may seem somewhat seemed important that I tell you... I just found out that men can breast feed. They have all the tools required, if they try. Apparently there have been reported cases of babies surviving off milk they get from their fathers.... and apparently it was done in biblical times. And other mammals have done it as well.. Check out this website that gives more instances. I also found an interesting Australian short film that talks about it as well.... hmmmmm

Milk Men by Peter Templeman

Saturday, October 27, 2007

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

fun baby video

take that, gerber baby

heretofore unpublished side effects of baby-wearing

arugula (?) and bleu cheese land on zoe's head as i try to multi-task.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

funny zoe pix

what zoe might have been named

i am having too much fun posting today. i came across a notepad file of baby names i was thinking up before we landed on Zoe (some were for boys) i'm posting the following to let my parents know what they won't have to get accustomed to saying.....

some highlights:

Henri Absalom "Axel"
Ian Johannes
Diego Carlos
Sunnia Leigh
Zoe Sunn
Zoe Jayne
Liesl Raine
Tajo ben Matthat
Tajo ben Yofri
Blackberry Zinn
River Legend
Levi Diego
Cassia Leandra
Ian Henri

p.s. the names are free for the taking if anyone has need for one....


so i have a confession to make to all germaphobes. it's not a confession, i guess, if you're not a germaphobe -- it's 'advice'. well i just found an omelet recipe which calls for the separation and then reintigration of the egg white and the yolk. you have to separate them to beat the white to frothiness. this recipe calls for two bowls. well my sense of frugality (read: laziness) made me come up with a new technique which saves the extra bowl. instead of putting the yolks in another bowl, i carefully keep them in the eggshell and put them back in the container. i also like doing this way, because the yolks look so cute sitting in a row. once my whites are frothy, in go my yolks. bowl spared....

p.s. it's a good recipe for all frugal ones out there, which i know is about 97.9% of my family. just requires eggs, bananas, butter or substitute, a fork, some sugar (i use maple syrup) and some salt. oh and a bowl. make the eggy part, make the bananas sweet with carmelization, make an omelet.

i would elaborate but my bananas are getting crispy right now.

Monday, October 22, 2007

free home repair lottery

ok so all that w/ the how cute we all are was a bit obnoxious. but given that mostly family members read this blog, and it's all about sharing the genes, I guess no one will object.

so to change the subject i thought i would let you know that today, just possibly, we have won the free home repair lottery -- Yet Again. Last Friday, Jeff had a roofer come over and roof. they were going to roof more today, but then Jeff became inspired by his inner-handyman and said bullocks to that, I can roof myself, yes I can. but we hadn't paid yet for the leak which they sealed. he just felt that the repair they did was not worth the $300 they charged. Given that they just smeared guck on the roof in all of 5 minutes and then skedaddled. well they were supposed to come collect on the repair today, and as of right now, 6:22 p.m., they have not. So, I hope they just forget and don't scour the internet for confessional blogs about people taking advantage of forgetful roofers.

this would be the second such free bee. the first one was even more spectacular. it occurred when our tub got so plugged we could no longer endure it. we called a plumber. the plumber had lots of fancy tools. one was just the long snake stick thing they poke down there. the other was very specialized and highly electric. well either our old house just doesn't handle highly electric or the electricity ions were looking out for us. because our power went out. and he couldn't use his high end fancy machinery to impress our tub. so clearly he couldn't charge us $150 because what's so hard about sticking a snake down the drain. (well it's more than i can do, but we like to be critical where money is concerned, even if we are house-repair illiterate -- help Holly & Rick! help!) anyway, he left as he didn't want to wait around for our power to reignite as we are clueless and luckily couldn't repair the fuse which had blown. turns out, the snake did the trick and the fancy machine really wasn't called for. so we um cancelled his return visit. and got a drain that works in about 5 minutes.

so the moral of the story i guess is that we are immoral in house repair issues, but that if it takes only 5 minutes to fix, should it really cost all that much anyway?

are we bad?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Joffri -- so hot right now -- Joffri

while we are on the topic of lookiness....

isn't he
really really ridiculously GoodLooking

Saturday, October 13, 2007

cute thing done by zoe

so zoe did something really cute a few days ago which i must relate...

she has been smiling sporadicallyhere for several weeks but they were usually only half smiles -- technically of course she was smiling long before that, but those were supposedly gas-powered smiles only. (of course i like to count the 3 smiles she did on the 3rd or 4th night in the hospital because each one came after i had made a joke....but per all the "experts" those are just some kinda reflex)

anyway, she's been doing this thing where sometimes when she nurses she smiles a little bit and keeps going. i couldn't tell if it was one of those gas-powered smiles (they kind of give her a spacey look because of how big they are). so, i noted how cute they were and wondered if it was just gas or if she was having some kind of fond memory of something amusing from her short history. well, the other day, she not only smiled as she was nursing -- she also laughed -- out loud. at first i wasn't sure she really did it, because it was so cute -- so she did it again! I must have humor just flowing through my veins.... : )

Friday, October 12, 2007

Zoe's Mom

Heather's posting of our gorgeous dog Mosha prompts me to post a photo of Zoe's gorgeous Mom.

The above photo of Heather is among my favorites.

and one of my gorgeous dog

more doctored photos

i am just having too much fun with this foto editor -- my only regret is that there are not more effect filters -- just works for doing the basics -- but i love the tint feature -- tell me if i'm going overboard
this is one of her first days on the planet...hooked up to an iv to feed her and give her antibiotics -- the tint hides some discoloration in her skin which she has thankfully recovered from...
i love this one because she looks like a little madonna and the color desaturation gives it the air of a 1940's postcard - this one is one of our last days at the hospital
another fun tinted one- one of our first days home together

this one is more fun in black and white for some reason - from the famed 'milk' series
so this one is actually better of me than zoe -- rare occurrence and sure to get rarer, most likely-- but check out the nice background -- yes, our living room walls are PINK!

i like the framing on this, although i do regret the look up z's nose

there she is in all her cutie-pie-ness...

i love this one b/c i oversaturated the colors a bit, which highlights her anger and angst as well as the flowers - she is full of life! another hospital photo, p. s.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

more pix and an interesting article

just found an interesting article on bbc news about a harsh parenting style which involves routine over giving into baby demands and limiting children to 10 minutes of cuddle time per day -- eek! I can't imagine anyone thinking that would be beneficial to family life or society -- here's a link to the article:

also - been having fun with picasa, the free photo editing tool, for some more fun pix. in these pix you can see that our baby is not so enthusiastic about our parenting skills as she was upon first leaving the hospital. either that or else she's not fond of the flash...

well -- she still has fun with us some times -- and we definitely aren't limiting her to 10 minutes of cuddle time....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Wide-Eyed Zoe Pic

A Short Introduction by Narrator #2, Father of Zoe

Hello. I am Zoe's Dad. Perhaps you have heard about me. You will see more of me in the form of a blog entry.

Now For Our Central Character

I encountered Zoe's hat a few minutes prior to the taking of the above photo, one of a series of photos, part of which most of you have seen, taken a few seconds apart. We laughed hardest at the milk soaked Zoe photo, but this photo is one of my favorites... but my favorites change like the weather, so you may have to ask me tomorrow. Zoe is an endless source of amusement and wonder for her parents. Having her around has given me the best lack of sleep I've had in my life! How can I ask for more?

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thursday, October 4, 2007

i'll be a monkey's mama

We are excited at the idea that Zoe may actually have red or strawberry blonde or even auburn hair. Mom says that Grandma Johnson had really pretty thick wavy auburn hair, and zoe's started out strawberry with bleach blonde overtones (I'm sure my third trimester pool excursions were responsible...).
But I actually recall a conversation we had before she was born where we discussed the possibility of a redheaded child. and she is a redhead, now if not forever. This makes me happy also because of who my substitute baby was for the longest time...... see pix ! Also, see if you can find the hidden monkey baby in the family pic.