Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pants Hair 2

Pants Hair

I'm going to start a new baby trend for all little girls who don't want to be too froo froo but yet sometimes miss the long hair of their older counterparts. It's called Pants Hair. Basically you just find a cute pair of pants and put it on your head, making instant hair, which can be worn in a variety of ways.

Zoe is modeling her white pants hair here.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Zoe's imaginary friends

red cow
twin plugs stand on collective head
I have been meaning to do this post for a long time.

When Zoe was about 4 weeks old we started 'elimination communication' -- As I've posted before.

She often was a baby in a fog at that time -- at least like most little babies she got upset a lot
But whenever we took her to try potty she would start smiling and chattering in baby babble.

I think it was the fun of seeing herself in the mirror as much as anything else.  In fact that's probably what it really was since she's going through a "potty strike" right now where even if she does have to go she doesn't want to.  This is normal and common from what I've read.

So she gets mad if I try to potty her now sometimes, but if I turn around and show her the other mirror, her mood lightens considerably.

And then she has her friend Elephant Towel Hook to console her.  I noticed one day that she was unusually interested in the towel hook.  I  then noticed it looks a lot like an elephant.  It has  screws painted blue by the last tenants forming the eyes, and a gold hook trunk.  So I had fun with that and drew the rest of the elephant on the wall.  

Now if she's upset, I can go show her the elephant and she'll start cooing and talking to him.

She's made other friends -- most notably Red Cow -- whose picture I shall post.  She's not as enamored of him anymore since Mosha broke him in half.  But besides the mirror, he used to  be the main bathroom attraction.  I was going to make a mini movie of her conversations with Red Cow, but the footage was never right.  I will eventually try to get the sound on it since it was so cute.

She also had a brief friendship with Twin Plugs which I didn't want to encourage, since I don't think they make the best of friends....