Sunday, March 25, 2007

Practicing Parental Fatigue

Eavesdropping 101

So, as it turns out, holding a glass up to one's pregnant belly does not have the same effect as it would have if you held it up to a wall and eavesdropped on your sister. (Just kidding, sisters....)


Here we are, practicing our serious parenting looks. We are not to be trifled with, see.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

September 4th

well hello big blog world....

just created this blog, upon inspiration from my younger sibling Holly, who has been blogging for some time. so, here we are, looking to fill you in on the smarmy details of our life. ok so they aren't smarmy, and if they were, you wouldn't probably be reading about them here.... : )

the big development of late is the ever-increasing tumescence of my midsection. a condition also known as pregnancy. it's my first time, as I have typically been a late bloomer. I guess that makes Jeff, my husband, a late planter... : )

but we're past the first trimester without too much incidence. there were the moments of food aversion. and I found out that either I'm not the great cook I thought I was, or that pregnant women were meant to be foragers only. Cooking was completely beyond my threshold of endurance. I've overcome my fear of the kitchen, however, since the unseemly smells have subsided somewhat. There are still some foods I'm leery about, however, and I seem to have gained an appreciation for whole fruit and lots of cereal. In fact sometimes I think I am just eating baby food. That could be the only explanation for wanting to eat yams and peaches together. Except for that they're also both orange, and I've found that color coding your food just makes sense flavor-matically.

Jeff is also very excited about this pregnancy thing. I think I should be pregnant more often, so I can negotiate for foot rubs and back massages with some air of entitlement. In fact, as I sit here typing, without my pleading or other coercion, he is giving me a nice little back rub. He didn't even know I was typing this. Yay.

Oh the other fun thing I will have to chronicle in this blog are the Dreams of Pregnant Woman. I found out that I'm not the only one who has vivid dreams while pregnant. Apparently they get more wacky and vivid the further along you go, so since I've always been kind of a dream junkie, I think that will be one of the entertaining aspects of this whole thing.

For example, last night I was having the most placid of dreams when all of a sudden the nice dreams were interrupted by a semi which just started coming straight for me. It actually turned around and aimed itself in my direction. I had to wake up fast, and my heart was pounding. (You know what they say, you can't actually dream that the bad event happens because then something truly bad will happen.) So, you know it's like being a stunt guy in a movie, or something.

Well, that's all the news from the manor. Take care.