Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zoe's new composition

Zoe has taken to the piano.  In fact, if I try to play, she will come over and will burrow her head into my lap and cry, until I let her play.  Or if I try to show her how I play a song, she will listen for a minute or two and then start throwing my hands off the keys.  So I caught her here, making up her own composition.  Pardon the coughing; I'm sorta sick.


Holly G said...

heather--this is amazing. she is adorable.

redhead83402 said...

Hester, she is so very adorable!!! but, I noticed that you are possibly WORSE THAN ME about blogging. What up sistah! We should at least get a one-liner with some pics of the lot of you all maybe.. oh say... 4 times a yr... 5 times a yr.....I mean... yah know... ;-D
besides which, hasn't ZOZO been composing lately? I wouldn't mind seeing another one of her performances, either. Hint... hint.. strongggg hint ~ ok, these were down right in yer face sorta hints...heheh :-D
Love you all ~